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Connecting people

Harriet James, Founder of Oxford Babysitters.

Over a four year period Harriet nannied two families in Oxford during her university holidays and and went on to become a qualified tax consultant in London. In January 2018, having moved back to Oxford she combined both her childcare experience with her business knowledge to create Oxford Babysitters. 

It is Oxford Babysitter's understanding that babysitters are undervalued and underpaid throughout the UK, on average it costs more to higher a cleaner per hour than a babysitter per hour. We want to challenge this by providing families with babysitters who have professional childcare experience to look after their children at a much higher level and to give our babysitters the opportunity to earn a much fairer hourly rate. 

As cliché as it may sound, we are the 'Bentleys' of babysitting and not your 'Peugeots 206'.

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